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Los Cabosvillas

We first came to Los Cabos in August of 1985 and then made over 35 more visits before selling our house in Capistrano Beach, California and moving to San Jose del Cabo in October, 1991. Since then we formed Los Cabos Real Estate S.A. de C.V. (formed in 1992), A Mexican Corporation based in Los Cabos and our sister affiliate company Los Cabos Vacation Rentals, Inc. (formed in 1998) which is based in California.

Cabo Villas for Rent- Now Book a Finest Villa for Your Holiday in Advance

There comes a time when we require a serious break from our daily bustling schedule, and Los Cabos is certainly a mesmerizing destination on this planet to wear-off all the stress in a matter of going. The place is particularly renowned as a heavenly spot and extremely celebrated for its exquisiteness.  The unique facet of Los Cabos lies in their extraordinary natural wonder; which is an amalgamation of beautiful beaches, crystal-clear skies, sparkling Blue Ocean, and unique rock landscapes.



No doubt Los Cabos has everything to impress you, but the holiday becomes special when you plan your stay in advance. During seasonal times, the place is extremely cherished and it is advised to book your villa in advance via Cabo Villa Rental. This not only guarantees you the finest room as per your preference, but you can secure a perfect location for your trip for family outings, business travel, solo travel, or for any other getaway tour.


At Los Cabos Villa, we let you plan your finest stay accordingly by presenting you a broad range of luxury condos and villas on rent. Our list is suitable for all types of travelers and has successfully won the hearts of people.  You plan to stay while experiencing outstanding services and can also be personalized as per customer request such as:


  • Swimming Pools
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Cook On Calls
  • Room Service and many more.


Let’s not wait for an unwanted surprise to stay in Villa. Make your next stop at www.loscabosvillas.com and pick the one that suits as per your budget.